“Training at Pure Fitness Melbourne has changed my whole attitude towards fitness. I used to find going to the gym a bit of a chore or something that had to be done but now I really look forward to my 6am workouts … crazy I know. I love the people in our 6am squad and enjoy the banter & laughs with a bit of hard work thrown in there too! I feel fitter than I ever have been and in turn much happier in myself I love the variety of the workouts!! You never know what you are in for haha. And seeing results in the monthly strength testing is very motivating!! I am very proud of my squats!! We have been working on my technique for ages now and to finally feel like I’m getting it makes me so happy!
(Thanks for your patience Sal!)”
– Angi McAuley

“Training with Pure Fitness Melbourne has helped me realise how really easy it is to improve my fitness whilst having fun! It’s definitely not running on a treadmill or just having machines to work on in a circuit fashion! I can attend five days a week and not do the same exercise twice. Each session is a new adventure! My greatest motivation is walking in to each session and having a great group of people training with me. We are a fun, Fabulous and supportive bunch!”
– Daniela Simionato

“After having my baby I wanted to get stronger and fitter and was looking for the right gym with the right energy. With so many gyms out there I wanted a gym that would motivate me to improve my health and get my confidence back. Since joining PFM earlier this year, I have become so much stronger and confident in my abilities. Sally and Tristan have really pushed and inspired me to achieve my goals. The atmosphere they create at PFM is so positive and energetic that every class is enjoyable no matter how hard they push you. Their small group training classes cater for everyone with diverse intense workouts so you never get bored. Sally and Tristan’s knowledge is impressive and they have taught me that fitness is so much more than just lifting heavy weights and fancy equipment. Whatever your reason for joining a gym, losing weight, gaining muscle or simply social, PFM is a hidden gem that will not disappoint!”
– Dimitra Dimitropoulos

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