Our Mission

Our mission at Pure Fitness Melbourne is to empower our Members to become their strongest, healthiest most confident self in a fun, supportive community.

In addition to expert coaching we provide accountability, mindset and nutritional support and back this up with measureable results.


Sally Henley
Sally Henley

Hi I am one of the proud owners of Pure Fitness Melbourne where we are passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself.

My name is Sally I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, the fitness industry is ever changing and I am passionate about my continued education to keep up to date with all things fitness, so I can give you the most positive experience I can give you. More than just a personal trainer I help you with all aspects of life I can train you as hard as you want but if I am not monitoring your recovery you are not going to get the results you want.

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes you need to slow down and smell the roses I am here to guide you through life’s challenges and help you become the best version of you. Through helping you become fitter, stronger more confident and ready to tackle what life throws at you.

I am passionate about getting you out of pain so you can live a better life, trouble shooting issues as we go, if you are in pain and struggling with certain movements then we look at why and understanding what your body needs. We work together on a plan that fits into your life so you get the most out of your training looking at your current lifestyle habits that might need to be changed, such as how you eat how you manage your stress and get you recovering better a plan designed for you. There is only 1 of you we are not all build the same and have different needs depending on your goals and who you want to be. Are you ready to make a change in your life is so call me on 0414 232 063to discover if we are a good fit and how best I can help you. I look forward to helping you be the best version of yourself.

Tristan Henley
Tristan Henley

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 10 years as a personal trainer, gym owner and strength and conditioning coach.

I have been actively involved in the fitness industry for the past 10 years as a personal trainer, gym owner and strength and conditioning coach. With a background in Martial Arts and CrossFit I am passionate about improving people’s lives through Health and Fitness. My training philosophy is all about getting people to move better by teaching correct and safe movement patterns, this means faster recovery, less pain and less injuries and ultimately better results.Specialties Functional Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell Training Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness Level 1 CrossFit Coach Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Certificate – Australian Kettlebell Association Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach – AWF Achieved a 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate Opened and operated two successful fitness businesses have also competed in Crossfit and I am always looking at ways to challenge myself.


My name is Shawn and I have been in the fitness industry since 2012.

With a background in rugby, rowing and AFL it has allowed me tp explore all aspects of fitness, including strength and hypertrophy training. Throughout the years I have actively been involved in boxing and Combat Kaali ( Filipino martial arts) which has enabled me to get a better understanding of how much our bodies need stamina and endurance during training and daily activities. My training philosophy is always using scientific based evidence to train clients of all levels for optimal fitness results. Having had experience with training young athletes from various schools to older athletes wanting to improve their strength and conditioning to disease prevention, my style of coaching is very versatile. By helping people see their potential and achieve fitness goals is what motivates me to become a better coach every day. As Michael Jordan once said “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them”


Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Diploma of health science

Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science


I’ve been strength training for 15 years and started to build my strength up for my job as a carpenter.

In that 15 years I’ve been involved in crossfit, martial arts and racing professionally on the spartan circuit (obstacle course).

I have found that the benefits of strength training have been beyond measurable for all these endeavours to the point where I  decided to become a coach to be able to help others achieve their full potential in their lives. I am passionate about getting people stronger and feeling fitter and healthier than ever. I look forward to helping you change your life the way my life has changed.

Be The Best Version of You

Fitter, Leaner, Stronger. Your life is yours, make it what you want it to be.