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“I’ve gained way more from this program than losing weight”

I’ve been training at PFM now for more than 2 years, and it is the first time in 20 years that I have managed to stay focused as part of a fitness regime.

I have seen a huge improvements in my overall fitness and strength. I think my mental health has also improved greatly. And of course, the weight loss is a bonus.


“I feel like calling it a “gym” doesn’t even do it justice.”

At Pure Fitness Melbourne, Sally & Tristan have created a fantastic facility that ensures its members improve their fitness and health in a supportive and caring environment. Through their expert guidance I have become fitter, stronger and more confident, all whilst strengthening connections within my community. Thank you & keep up the great work!


“I wanted to be strong, athletic, and powerful. I wanted to be an athlete!”

Joining Pure Fitness is by far one of the best decisions I have made in my sports / fitness life. I am seeing results I have never seen before. I thought I knew correct ways to do certain exercises, but was very quickly corrected, and since then I have achieved things I didn’t know I could do.


“I actually like lifting weights (which surprises me!) and the ‘feeling’ of being stronger every day is great!”

Training with Pure Fitness Melbourne has helped in a range of ways such as feeling mentally more resilient and physically stronger, less back problems, changing my eating habits, losing a little weight, and making friends in the local community. My biggest achievement has been to increase my training 3 days/ week and lose 7 kgs. I like feeling stronger and generally great and more energetic.


“Trying To Get Results On My Own Was Frustrating!”

Just the pure strength I have especially in my legs and the improvement in my endurance, I completed the 777 marathon challenge, and was just in awe of my strength and also the fact that I didn’t suffer any injuries during it, compared to other runners. I think what motivates me to train is the fact that I have a class to train with and more importantly a coach is alway’s there with you and I see results not only with myself but of all other members.

-Gina Santaera

“I’m The Best Version Of Myself”

I hadn’t trained for over 20 years, and from my first day with Pure Fitness they have helped me increase my ability each day. Their ability to keep changing and progressing the workouts is amazing. Each day I see improvement in my own fitness which has been impressive and positive!! The coaches push you to a point that makes coming back to Pure Fitness want and not a need.


“I Stopped Caring About Myself”

Pure Fitness have helped me to learn to love exercise. No easy feat I tell you! Despite starting with no strength after 2 kids, a bulging disk, a list of health issues, they have managed to help this self proclaimed exercise hater to become the fittest and strongest I have ever been, and i have actually enjoyed doing it.

-Katherine Barrett

“I didn’t know how to challenge myself. I wasn’t going anywhere”

Sally and Tristan have really pushed and inspired me to achieve my goals. The atmosphere they create at PFM is so positive and energetic that every class is enjoyable no matter how hard they push you. Their small group training classes cater for everyone with diverse intense workouts so you never get bored. Sally and Tristan’s knowledge is impressive and they have taught me that fitness is so much more than just lifting heavy weights and fancy equipment. PFM is a hidden gem that will not disappoint!


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